Non Ordinary Reality can put up other artists’ exhibitions in the exhibitory space “Barrique” for a minimum period of 30 days; we will also publish a report at:

- Non Ordinary Reality will take care of digital invitations (printable file on request) and of informing (via e-mail) specialized magazines, newspapers, art-galleries and critics we are in contact with.

- The artist will take care of the preparation of the exhibition and of the superstructures (if needed).

- The artist must give one of his/her works to Non Ordinary Reality. There will be a photograph of the work in the web site of Non Ordinary Reality, with a brief biographical note and information about how to contact the artist.

The artist to which we give hospitality don’t have to pay

If the artist hasn’t got his own web site, we can offer him a personal page in the Non Ordinary Reality’s web site for one year (it can be subsequently updated).

There won’t be any commercial information, such as the price of the work or the artist’s quotations, because our promotional activity is to be considered merely cultural.

The artists who are interested in our activities can contact us at:

The possibility to participate to the project and the programme will be decided by the artistic direction of Non Ordinary Reality; the decision is unquestionable.

We won’t return anything you send us (CDrom, photos, etc.)